About Me


I’m so glad you found your way to my page. I love writing & sharing my thoughts with others, hence why I started up this site. I hope you find my site to be useful & entertaining, as this is the first time I am actually going to put a real effort into this blog thing. It keeps calling my name LOL. We finally got a desktop computer & professional camera, which totally makes this a much more enjoyable experience and gives access to some many more features that you do not have with a laptop and cell phone.

The things that I am really passionate about are: photography, nature/animals, traveling, food, beauty products, & being a Mother/Wife. So look forward to seeing those topics on here.

My life has been a wild one that is for sure; full of experiences both good and bad. I have found that all we can do is try our best with what life throws at us. Heck, I am entering my 30’s & still am no where near close to having this adult thing figured out haha. So, without further ado let’s get this journey started together, shall we?