Tomorrow is another chance. It’s full of promises, I love you’s, kisses, hugs, I’m sorry’s, forgiveness. Tomorrow is to put the past behind you. Tomorrow is to make your dreams come true.

Tomorrow is NEVER guaranteed. I was just renewing my BLS & they said every 90 seconds a person dies of heart failure.

90 seconds – think on that.

Today we lost 9 souls to a helicopter crash. Some famous, some not so famous. Still lives non the less. Still people who had a significant role on this earth. Still individuals that had loved ones that are now left behind.

Children that never got the chance.

I prayed hard tonight as I laid in bed holding our daughter who was fast asleep. The tears rolled down my face.

I prayed for them, that they felt no pain. I prayed that they had a chance to hold each other tight in their last moments.

Things happen that we do not understand. Maybe in time we will, most often than not we won’t.

Death terrifies me. So much that I don’t like to talk about it much or write out my thoughts for fear they will come true.

Death is something I try to PRETEND doesn’t exist. The thoughts still creep around every corner. What if I loose the people that hold me together to a tragedy? What if they loose me?

It’s absolutely terrifying & yet we often loose sight of the important things in life. It takes a horrific accident to be blasted all over the media to remind us that we are HUMAN.

To remind us that TOMORROW, even the next 90 SECONDS are not guaranteed. Most of us are selfish. It’s in our DNA. It’s all about the me, me, me’s.

What about the US? What about your loved ones?

A simple reminder here.

Cherish those around you that have some kind of significance in your life. Be engaged with them. Love them, laugh with them, hold them tight. Remember this daily. Don’t get lost in yourself. Don’t get blinded but what & who is important.

Follow your dreams, live & love hard, & find a way to be HAPPY. For if tomorrow does not come. DIE with a full heart.

It’s a gift you can give yourself, thus in return giving that gift to the ones you leave behind.



RIP To The Ones That Lost Their Lives Today On 1/26/2020 …

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